My name is Alexander Heinrich. I like to play games specially after work with my younger brother. Sometimes after a long day at work, it was hard to stay focused and I had to grab an energy drink or a coke cola to get some energy. But the effect never lasted long and after the sugar crush was over, I would have felt even more tired. One night during a gaming session – which by the way I kept losing to my brother- I wondered why there wasn’t an energy drink customized for gamers to keep their concentration at high level, help them stay focused and improve their overall performance! That is how Gamerfinitie was born.

Gamerfinitie is a powder-based energy drink from the Netherlands. Because our product is powder-based, you have the power to adjust it to your needs. You can add water depending on your needs, you can make it sweeter or less sweet. You also can add a full scoop into your shaker, or you make it a half one. It is easy to use. You fill a shaker or glass with water, after you add a scoop to it. To dissolve Gamerfinitie completely with water, shake the shaker or stir it with a spoon in your glass. Now you are ready to GAME ON.

When I started gaming, I often argued with my parents that gaming is a real sport. A few years later, there are numerous studies that can show that esport is indeed similar to football or running a marathon. A professional E-athlete or a casual gamer requires the highest possible concentration, fastest reactions, and high endurance. Gamerfinitie aims to support gamers in their demanding sport and make their time enjoyable.

Here is an article for further information.

Sports vs Esports