With these 5 tips you will become a pro in first-person shooters

With these 5 tips you will become a pro in first-person shooters

How do I get better at first person shooters?

A question that I'm sure many of you are asking yourself. FPS games are hard - very hard. The first laps in the game feel like being thrown straight into the cold water. But why is it like that? It always looks so easy with your own favorite streamer. Drag mouse right - left click - headshot! But the reality is anything but easy. On the contrary... the first rounds usually go totally wrong and it seems as if the opponents in your own lobbies are only professionals and hackers.

But don't despair - Gamerfinitie comes to your rescue! So that you can continue to enjoy first-person shooters, we want to present our best tips, which we have put together with our streamers and colleagues for you.


1. Memorize the map

Reflexes and muscle memory are important, but map knowledge is more important. No matter how fast you react and aim, if you don't know the key spots on a map, you'll see the loading screen more times than your nerves and patience can handle. Whether it's Verdansk in Warzone, Split in Valorant, or Boarder in Rainbow Six: Siege, each and every map plays differently, offering opportunities to build confidence and pick up some very easy kills. The easiest ways to quickly memorize a card are as follows:

Check out one of the numerous YouTube tutorials for a card! Follow your favorite streamer and pay close attention to which buildings and spots they prefer, where there are more opponents and where maybe that annoying camper spot is.
Load a map in Creator Mode/PvE/Bot game and don't add opponents. Now you walk the map thoroughly and consider all possible angles and positions.
Play, play, play. The best learning effect is always your own. "Oh, there it was!"


2. Improve spatial thinking and game vision

Sometimes you see a valuable item that you really want to have. But don't make the mistake and put on the blinders, block out everything around you on the field and just run blindly. Think carefully beforehand whether the way there is really clear or whether it will end in a rapid hail of bullets from the enemy and your own frustration. You see tons of players just staring blindly at the ground and wasting forever looting.

Focus not only on what you see in the crosshairs in front of you, but also on what is behind you. What could be happening behind you right now? Is your back free? Are you standing openly on a field or are you protected? Does it make sense to walk this way now or can I just be met there? Could the enemies I just saw still be around?


3. The mini-map is your best friend

Use it. If you're not looking for opponents in nooks and crannies for popular spots and just feel safe for a moment, you should keep an eye on the mini-map. This gives you information in real time! Heard shots? The mini-map shows the position of the opponents! Load-out comes from the sky? The mini-map shows the impact!


4. Mouse sensitivity, distance to the monitor and aim assist

So many questions and one answer - find out for yourself. There is no single universal answer. Of course, people here like to orientate themselves on idols and stars, but they have also figured it out for themselves. Your own preferences are decisive here. Give your body enough time to get used to a sensitivity and don't change it every day. It's important to give your body a chance to develop muscle memory. For the right controller/mouse sensitivity, you should simply stand in front of a wall in-game and focus on one point. Try to hit this point as best you can from different distances with your favorite weapons. Whether in a single shot, as a salvo (burst, triple shot) or in fully automatic mode - control your weapon (spray control)! You will quickly notice what works for you and whether you need stronger aim assist, for example. The optimal distance to the monitor should be between 45 and 60 cm.


5. Clear communication and good calls

Gamer-speak can seem a little strange at first, but you'll quickly hear and learn terms that you'll use everywhere. These are always quick and let your teammates know exactly what's going on and where. Every experienced gamer will be able to translate a call like "Heaven, one with a sniper" immediately and understand that there is an opponent waiting at an elevated position with a sniper rifle. What is a rush? What does "Flash" mean? What are the names of important strategic or frequently used positions? Clear and quick communication helps you make better decisions, helps others and once again ties in perfectly with our other tips!

Just don't lose heart! All beginnings are difficult and no master has yet fallen from the sky. With our tips you should quickly go from bottom fragger (worst player in a team with the fewest kills) to constant top fragger! What tips do you have for the community? We look forward to constantly expanding our list!